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Robert Murray - Director                                           
Director of IJBSA and has over 40 years of experience in the boating industry. He was a Naval Aviator and private pilot and has worked with the Paralyzed Veterans, and is a Lifetime Member of it's Association. He has patented the Sun protecting PWC Top as well as the patented Off throttle steering rudder and developed a Safety Boarding Ladder and Grab Bar Device for the PWC. He has Copyrights of several PWC (Personal WaterCraft) Training protocols with the most recognized being the Top Gun Safety Course. He was invited to speak at the first ICOST (International Conference on Safety Transportation) in Italy and has worked with water safety enthusiasts and professionals both at home and abroad. Currently he is finishing up on an 'Expose' book that will be available on this site of his personal experiences in the quest for boating safety.
Chris Woolley - Technical Director
Without his help this project would be impossible. Having over 20 years of experience, Chris has demonstrated a complete understanding of the inner workings of web sites and general knowledge of the principals of computing and its many uses.
J. Mark Oliva - Creative Director
Mark has produced and directed the You Tube and My Space interviews, making his videos as comprehensive as the learning modules in investools his knowledge in music and filming and the use of bits and pieces of information to form a congruent, flowing film is truly remarkable which has produced an effective look into personal watercraft safety problems. Without his assistance this information would not have been available to such a wide audience. He has worked with “top shelf” performers and groups for over thirty years. IJBSA and I owe him a great deal for his efforts and time invested in this worthy cause.
Ryan Nagel - Filming Director
Son of Capt. Richard Nagel, a friend who just passed away from a long illness. Ryan assisted me with the filming of the “Resort and Owner Operator, Top Gun Courses. Since his fathers passing Ryan has taken over their family Blue Heron Drift Fishing Fleet. The Blue Heron boats are each 100 feet with one 87 foot all aluminum. His assistance will be missed as Director of Training.
Lisa Crofts - Art Director
Lisa is assisting IJBSA with the general layout and design of the site. She is also going over the rewrites of all the text and without her assistance, the work would just not flow and be quite redundant. Because I have been personally involved with this project for quite some time it helps to have someone looking through a young, fresh pair of eyes. Her work has helped to make a “garbled transmission” into something readable and understandable.